Alexander McQueen´s fall-winter ads

I really like Alexande McQueen´s mastermind, he is one of my favorite designers and this season is not so bad. I just hate the shoes and the pseudo-Kylie Minogue look in the stripes look. Actually the red-black and the kind-of-spiderweb are a deja vu of the White Stripes mixed with a Tim Burton´s movie.

The birdstooth (instead of houndstooth) jacket is amazing. I love how looks everything together, including the fur vest or jacket (i think is a jacket), the big trend of this season. That look is very casual compared with the others, i like the touch of darkness in the tailored "Twork suits", maybe one day ill wear something like these... Oooh! i almost forget, the advertising is ok!

If you want better definition, click the pictures!

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