Balmain Spring 2010

A year ago, everybody was rediscovering and adoring the Balmain collection. I know what are you thinking, i though that too: IT´S FREAKING THE SAME!! i want something different, i love Balmain but, still want something different. I really like some pieces, after all this is not the Ungaro´s disaster with Lindsay Lohan. Am a very peaceful person (yeah right!) so i refuse to use bullets like an outfit but definitly those shoes look like something that i had been looking for a long time (the booties not the kind of folk sandals).

Long sleeve mini dresses, military jackets, destroyed jeans, sound like something familiar... Maybe all this can become in a signature. Ooh add the destroyed t-shirts, i am actually attracted to it but seriously, how much is gonna pay Rihanna for a t-shirt ??

In the other hand, our lovely shoulder pads, studs and DIY projects are "IN" another season, or at least we can wear them a little bit more. The collection looks "normal good", but with the last two collections we were expecting something shocking. Everybody loves military clothing in the same way that loves nautical and minimalistic so, maybe the next time Balmain´s people can look for a original non-safe inspiration. I repeat, i like the collection and certainly the influence is not going away soon but people in fashion is looking for something extraordinary and this is a race, this time i forgive you Christophe but the next time, pleaase please show us something different!! I say this because i really really love Balmain (how many times i said that?) and after all, this collection is so much better compared to others.

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