Burburry Spring 2010

(Am not a spring lover, my heart definitly belongs to A/W but anyway, i love to check aaaaall the collections and I have been very happy since a month ago, when the presentation of spring collections started. )

I think Burburry can do the same trenchs all the time and still preserve them market, after all the beige, plaid coat is a classic. The Spring collection is very loyal to Burburry with all these uk preppy style, but with the drapping and non traditional soft colors. I looove the socks! maybe that´s the reason why am writing this. And yes, can´t end this without talk about the shoes, i think all of them are very ready-to-wear, more than that, to-wear-now. (The fur jacket is a must! i just don´t get why they include it in spring collection, at least they put it with light pants)

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