Anja Rubik in Vogue Nipon

I really don´t know the month of the editorial where you can find this editorial, anyway i like this photoshoot a lot. Vogue Nipon is the best. I haven´t posted the other two pictures 'cause looks like a different editorial, but indeed are beautiful too. The black and white picture is awesome, Anja looks so freaking good! . My favorite is the first one.

All the clothing reminds how fashion was in this year, 2009 (specially the winter) let us a lot of balmain, studs, lady gaga, designer collaborations, gorrillas t-shirts and i can keep going... and my favorite of course, the shoooes! look the Nina Ricci ones. The platforms made a huge comeback this year, i remember the summer Versace heels, that campaign with Isabelli Fontana and Natalia Vodianova. My sixth sense says that they will be with us a little more time. The booties are also a huge 09 trend, started a year ago, i think they were rarely in the top in summe. What a wonderful year.

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