SHINee is Dazed and Confused

I feel younger everytime i hear SHINee music, like a 15 year old girl chasing that little boy (used to be...) who leads SHINee. Am not only fan of Minho, or the Ring ding dong choreography, am a fan of the image of this boys. I wish i could be the stylist of SHINee, i was so thrill when i knew the January central editorial of the korean Dazed and confused , you know Dazed and Confused is my favorite magazine.

I love the cover, well, the possible cover cause till dec. 22 we are going to know for sure. Am not a fan of the kinda N´sync picture, maybe because yells bye bye bye with the puppet stuff, but the clothing is great. My little boys are becoming gentlemen. (tears!)

And the black and white is killing me! (my fav. color combination, i don´t care if it looks like waitress or maids) i can´t wait to see all the pictures and read the article!

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3 Responses to “SHINee is Dazed and Confused”

  1. si la dazed&confused inglesa es exagerada no me puedo imaginar la versión coreana!!! tú si tienes un blog chulo!!!

  2. no se mucho coreano, por lo menos no lo suficiente para entender los artículos de la dazed de allá pero a juzgar por las fotos, es bastante fiel al concepto de la revista pero creo que la inglesa sigue siendo la más exagerada, y la de US en algunas ediciones.

    gracias! estamos empezando el blog con una amiga, espero que nos visites pronto otra vez.

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