it´s all about red

I didn´t like red color, ´cause i looked pale and really don´t suits me so i gave up and decide to wear only red accesories. Maybe i didn´t like to dress red because am not the "sexy girl" at all!! and i don´t feel confortable with that image.

Of course i have red clothes! everything started with a pair of skinny jeans that i bought in red, i don´t know exactly why but i felt that kind of attraction that can´t be denied, maybe is the zeitgeist! Surfing on the great universe of the web i found this amazing red jacket, i think is Valentino and also the knock-off, by H&M. I just decided to start a DIY project in red brocade, i don´t know if that gonna work but am crazy about this bananas jacket!

I also found this pair of Dr. Martens (another crazy obssesion!), in red plaid! so much better than the florals! i love it and i think that this shoes and the Valentino jacket could be very happy together, maybe is just an eccentric dream but i think they fit good together. What do you think?

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