Macarons' easter colors

I know, they´re pastel colors but i prefer to call them "Macaron easter colors", mm yuummie macarons! This colors are rockin' my world (since my black fall epoque) . Am soo in love with this colors of nail lacquers. Everything started with the Chanel jade color but know seems a pastel revolution in my cosmetic case! am still looking the lavander! the only left on my list!

Not only nail lacquers, a complete revolution! the guys of CN Blue for korean Elle girl, looks preppy, not them style but hot! (i have a big crush in the "you´re beautiful" drama boy!)

This is actually a recipe but i love the illustration!

mmm!! francois pattisserie!

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One Response to “Macarons' easter colors”

  1. Where did you find the painting/poster of the macaron recipe? Did you make it?