Yestarday jam: The green wall part I

This green wall is absorbing my brain. Or maybe is the rain.

No, is not eco-friendship but still I love this wall and i decided to make this my personal photoshoot place. The lighting is perfect, the plants put something special on it and I don`t know, I just like it.
Find a place to take good pictures could be a real fat problem. Everybody here can tell. And the problems increase with the time because you want to make every picture better than the last one. Am not a perfectionist but some details really makes me angry, like a unnecessary cable or a non-planned dog tail into my pictures. And yes, the other problem is to find the perfect person-or tripod- to take the pictures. I can`t transfer my ideas to this people in the exactly way I want it and of course, the results may vary (always). At end of the day, with a little IT help (photoshop), I ended with this pictures, they`re not perfect but like all of yours, I know this is special 'cause behind of it you can find a big story.

Payless shoes
Esprit bag
Gap Socks
Japanese Dress from some little store in town
Saul E. Mendez Blazer

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4 Responses to “Yestarday jam: The green wall part I”

  1. thank you dear, I loved reading your comment I love your blog, the last productions of tudo.
    my english is not very good but try.
    pass by my blog when you are always very welcome..

  2. Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog lovely! You have great style, I'm really liking your blog. Following you on bloglovin :).

    Love Alexandra

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog!
    Lovely post, come back again :)

  4. great styling, love the sunnies!