Yesterday jam: The secret garden

This garden is my everything, actually i discovered the beauty in it after i watched the pictures.
I left you some pictures of my outift in a "x normal day" this week. Am so into rings lately, i feel naked without them. No nail lacquer this time, something rare.
Jeans: high waisted, DIY (in all the possible ways...)
Shoes: Wood and leather sandals, a birthday present (yeah, another reason to love my friends!)
Rings: Turqueise squares and silver (handicraft from Antigua Guate.), Gaudi heart (i made it), blue cross (i made it), silver and rhinestones (old babe), faux turqueise maxi stone and silver.
Top: shiffon flared top (X.O.X.O)
Denim shirt #46976976 from some local store
Bag: Abaete for Payless

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One Response to “Yesterday jam: The secret garden”

  1. This is a lovely outfit! And that garden is so goregous! You have such a great blog and style<3
    Following! xoxo