Lately on korean magazines

Random pictures from different magazines in Korea; one of my great sources of inspiration. The cute style and perfection are key, i just want to hug this girls! The last images are my favorites, look at the beautiful clothing, i need everything, -sight-.

The girls are famous actresses and k-pop singers from Korea (Eun Hye, Seo Won, F(x)...), am a  huge fan of Asian dramas and general korean culture so, that`s why i know!
I started to watch in the dramas, how fashion in Asia develops faster than here, i became a follower of this magazines, finding another point of view of the industry, a little bit different compared with the popular concepts of "Vogue" or "Bazaar". It`s a shame these magazines are so dificult to find overseas, but after all we can google it, right? ( Still my korean is not the best, so the traslation problem is bigger!)
Enjoy the images just like i do! and excuse me for the bad quality in some of them.

Sources: Elle Korea, Harper`s Bazaar Korea, Cosmopolitan Korea

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2 Responses to “Lately on korean magazines”

  1. I know exactly what you mean!
    I lived in Korea for a couple months and just walking down the streets were like an explosion of inspiration

    I must post some of the photo's I took there!

    These are great shots... Thank you!