Reed Krakoff

Surffing on the internet i found this brand who specializes on accesories, i was amazed. Every single design was good, more tan good, like RZ said, ba-na-nas!    I was like oooh! finally a piece of heaven in front of me, still can`t believe how many beautiful things can be together, yes am still drooling all over myself watching this gorgeous handbags and shoes.

Am not making any publicity but i invite you to visit the store and if you are lucky to afford something, go and get it! I found so many reinvented classics, those pieces that you must have in your closet. The quality and materials are my favorite part, i can´t say the products are expensive because worth every cent. (Maybe one day am going to afford the beautiful ostrich bag. Actually am ok with a cheaper version of the same bag.)

I posted so many images because i really couldn`t pick just a few. Am still like oooooh my! I want all the models, each one already got a piece of my accesories heart!


One of the things i love of RK, they can be so modern and trendy (down), or classic, elegant and sophisticated (up).

Down, my favorite. Perfect election of materials and colors. Up, the luxurious ostrich bag am in love with, the queen of the satchels.

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  1. The heels are very nice! And the bags! The leather and skin look very luxurious.