Lita or not Lita, that´s the question.

 The Jeffrey Campbell`s most popular items this season are indeed the Lita shoes. (Actually they are knock offs, Charles Anastase S/S 09 collection showed the chunky wood heels first). Aparently, this shoes are a must this season but the question is, do you love them or hate them? There is only one answer.

I really like them, i think they look good in  mustard and black. I also like the blue and taupe styles in suede but that´s all. I saw some styles that crossed the line, there is no way to look good in super chunky glittery and high boot-heels without looking like a baby tramp. That´s my opinion, at least i know i can´t use it, there is a limit when it comes to fashion and trends, right?

After all here we are using shoes with 15 cms or more, all the trends end up in excess so, what´s the limit? I don´t know but every pair of shoes i buy is higher than the last i bought. I really want a pair of Litas but am expecting not to look ridiculous with them. After all the best is to wear whatever you want to, what you feel you must put on, following or not the trend, be comfortable with yourself is always the biggest trend. I say yaaay Litas! are so in but almost crossing the line.

If you got a pair or 20 pairs of Litas be sure to wear the right clothes! They are always gaining the whole attention of an outfit.

Up, the Jessica Simpson option, i love the platform.

 Yes, you can be a lady with Litas, look up, i love her complete outfit.


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5 Responses to “Lita or not Lita, that´s the question.”

  1. I like them even if I didn't try them yet.... maybe the purple ones or the mustard are my favorite! black is just too common

  2. I like them all! they are so beautiful!

  3. hola! soy emmie de barbierawk. gracias por el "shout out!"

  4. i like them oh no i love them
    i think the problem is HOW to wear them.. because if you chose the wrong way you will look like a slut :D :D unfortunatelly I don't have them yet but I am going to buy them very very soon :)

  5. the litas will nottttt make you look like a slut. they are understated spice girl bubblegum pop sexy. try wearing two different colors at once - my fave are mustard / red