Japanese fashion equals love

Fist, my apologies for my lack of posts but final exams and projects sucked my entire life. But finally i can share with you this overseas fashion post: japanese streetwear.

Uuuh you know how much i adore the total black. (almost total in this case)

 So cute, but am a little bit afraid of her porcelain face. Too ulzzang to be true.

Minimalism is love, that's all.

 Hats are THE trend in Japan, this vintage sailor cap is awesome.

One of my favorites, mix of patterns, using the last piece of spring.

                                                                         Geek chic.

                                                                    I adore her hair color.

 Nice fur, really nice fur.
 My favorite female outfit! She looks stylish but without complications, love the colors.

And he is the winner! In my opinion the best outfit, everything is love, specially the fur, another big asian trend.

Japanese fashion is on vanguard righ now, the sophistication mixed wit hi-tech rocks my world. Japonese street wear is a forever source of inspiration.

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2 Responses to “Japanese fashion equals love”

  1. I always thought that Japanese people tend to have awesome styles! I actually had a phase during high school, where I wanted to dress, speak, and just learn the ways of the Japanese. They are very interesting people indeed. Sayonara! :)


  2. all cuties expecially the aviator one