Yeserday jam: Museum days

I can´t stop wearing this cape, is so comfortable and perfect for this crazy weather. This is a simple outfit, with basic pieces for a long day. I went to an art exposition  in the morning, i don´t know if this is the right way to dress for this kind of ocassion but anyway, what is the dress code for a museum sunday? I don´t know, just wear what you feel to, that`s the real dresscode.

I found this yersterday, based in an entry on This is part of the facebook CP page. I just love the commentary: "...And this lady is proof that pale is beautiful". Hell yeah! pale is beautiful, indeed.

Oh! another thing. Music is my fuel, i die without music and am always looking for new  musical experiences. Part of this and part of destiny cross my roads with Gabriel Cazali, his music is genious and am not telling you this because he is my friend, just listen.

And if you LOVE it, buy the EP HERE

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3 Responses to “Yeserday jam: Museum days”

  1. Wow you are so cool! Love your style ;)
    Thanks for your comment :) i follow you :)