i would love to wear right now

I don´t know how you feel about fashion, but sometimes i like to see my self in my mind wearing stuff i dont own or could own.
so this is what i would like to be wearing right now even if the current weather wouldn´t let me anyway.
i´d kill for a sequined shirt, i will get my hands on one cross your fingers for me please!!


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4 Responses to “i would love to wear right now”

  1. Hmm...I like the purse! :)


  2. fantastic blog...some good eye candy for sure :) And am on the lookout for a good sequinned shirt too!! and i love the stiletto booties with the tassel.

  3. I love the necklace. Im a huge fan for big jewlery! M.

  4. love that bag!

    thank you for commenting on my blog:)
    Love Emily, xx