RED and yes, other colors too

Esteven Meisel
source: fashiongonerogue

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9 Responses to “RED and yes, other colors too”

  1. wow that is a very very random editorial! lots of colours though.x

  2. woow such great bright colors!

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  3. Thanks for your nice comment ! Great pictures and really nice blog !

  4. love love love this editorial, wow!! I hadn't seen it before, and somehow it reminds me very much about Alice in Wonderland, don't you think? :) Thanks for sharing!


  5. oh i just love all the color! great post! some shots are meant for black and white -- definitely not these! wonderful blog(: keep it up!


  6. haha, I love this editorial. The colours are amazing and the contrast with the red hair is perfect! Great post.

    Thank you for your comment!

    Fox Whiskers

  7. This editorial is so interesting to look at. I love all the vibrant, bold colors. Thank you for following me. I'll be following you back through Bloglovin'!

  8. i love this collection!! thanks for sharing! and thank you for checking out my blog i hope you come back soon