Barbie™ Dream House Ring

 I have to admit it, i was a girly girl who dressed a total lavander outfit and played with my barbie dolls all day. There is something interesting about Barbie, now i think the girl is kinda smart. She is indeed a stylish girl and these accesories made me believe am making myself a thinking version of the plastic doll. (No offense).

The thing is, i saw this ring and felt in love. Lovely, cute and fun. I like the pink color but i think they should sell some turqueise or baby blue versions. Right now is not avaible but the price is $175.00 (Similar price with YSL Oval ring, oh gee). You got to backorder, according to the Barbie webpage is going to be avaible on April.

18 Ks gold and 100% style.
God, the chandelier!! i love this ring, is amazing, you can also use it open as a double ring.

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5 Responses to “Barbie™ Dream House Ring”

  1. I have to admit, I wasnt in love until I saw it popped open! I cannot believe the chandelier! Its something magical indeed.

  2. Que pasada de anillos!! Nunca había visto nada igual!!!
    besos guapa y gracias por pasarte por mi blog!!!

  3. Ey! El anillo es precioso ¿verdad? a mi me gusta incluso más que el de YSL,yo por tienda me fue imposible encontrarlo asiq tuve que tirar de web, pero es geniaaaaal!!!

    Gracias por pasarte!

  4. I like that ring too.. I haven't seen that in my entire life.