Top Hat: THE feather dress

             Fred Astaire and the lovely Ginger Rogers were the perfect couple of musicals. I just love Astaire, there is no another dancer like him but this entry is not to talk about him, not to talk about his movies but to talk about feathers and Top Hats.
         Have you ever seen the movie? Is one of my favorites, mixing great classic style with my all time favorite jazz songs. I highly recommend it. But despite the quality and entertainment of the movie, the best thing is the Rogers´ feather dress. Is gorgeous, everybody remember the dance scene with THE dress.
         Ginger Rogers designed the dress for the main dance routine of the movie, looks even better floating in the air. (Astaire hated the dress, the feathers punch him in every turn, i guess ginger was an authentic MAN REPELLER ).
         This dress is memorable, like the great acting numbers, or the great photography in a movie, the wardrobe is always a MUST. Enjoy the pictures (A little bit of Chanel S/S '11 up there!). 

Oh G, i love this dress.

 And now, an outfit inspired in THE feather dress:
Amen embroidered dress
732 EUR -
Moschino satin handbag
189 GBP -
Kara Ross onyx bracelet
$5,045 -
Black wool hat
30 GBP -

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3 Responses to “Top Hat: THE feather dress”

  1. Perfect feather dress!
    Indeed, plumes are on clothes
    very beautiful!

  2. Feather is cool. Still looking for right "thing" with feather :) M.

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