Starting the week with our stylish foot

 A bunch of  lovely inspiration to start the week in the right way, in the best way.  Have a great and sucessful week!

Source: different sites and blogs, to weheartit to Nastygal and Numero China.

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5 Responses to “Starting the week with our stylish foot”

  1. love these photos so inspirational! thanks for the comment!

  2. the purple lipstick in the first photo is to die for!

    thanks for checking out thefashionhash! be sure to check back sometime next week and i'll post my new cut!



  3. Qué fotos tan bonitas, desde luego inspira verlas (aunque luego la ropa no queda igual en una chica normal que en una modelo, pero de eso se trata, ¿no?.)
    Tienes un blog diferente, me gusta. ¡Te sigo!

  4. Great post! Thanks for stopping by!


  5. Beautiful images all... The two-toned lips in the 8th photos are so glossy and sexy. I want to kiss her! BTW, thanks for the post.