The 60´s dream came true on Vogue Australia

I am into 60´s right now. (This could be the product of HBO´s Mad men). This editorial is the vibe we are talking about, those structured elements full of elegance, plus the cuteness and purity involved with the natural sensuality. The clothing is amazing, the shoes (oh the shoes! Just watch the pointed Loubotins) mixed with socks and hosiery are love. I think the clothing is not exactly my style but I could wear almost everything styled with other pieces. I like the concept, I love the pictures, why  didn´t  i born in the 60s?

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5 Responses to “The 60´s dream came true on Vogue Australia”

  1. wow this editorial is so stunning!! i lovee it!:D the clothes, the looks, the models, perfect!! thank you for sharing!

  2. obsessed... this is gorgeous :) Great blog- following you!

  3. I saw the first photo on yesterday but I had not seen the entire spread.. it's amazing, thanks for sharing.. since I don't get VOGUE Australia around here... it's really awesome, I'm a 60s-70s obsessed and this is looking pretty cool to me.. I'm immediately wantint to wear those big wigs..
    cool post, take care!