Lara Stone for Self Service

       Gorgeous photo-shoot. Vintage styling, mixing innocence with sensuality. Can you feel the trend of black and white pictures mixed with colored ones? Interesting. Zeitgeist maybe? I can only say, am a huge fan of black and white pictures, a different sensation can be told, another emphasis. I just can´t figure out sometimes how to mix it with the colors, is easy to take another concept when you put the pictures in some filter. 

In this case, I think the thread keeps going, specifically in the color pictures with neutral toned clothing. Even the orange shirt looks pretty good; my biggest problem is the indoor-outdoor location. Am not sure about it. Still I really like the pictures, who doesn´t love Lara? I like the clothing as well. 
(In fact, I like this photo-shoot that much that I decided to posted it today, even when this is my second post in 2 hours).

You can find the pictures in the new issue of Self Service. The photographer? Alisdair McLellan, Stylist? Jane How. And the pieces? i know you identified some YSL, Valentino and Louis Vuitton.

Source: Bloginity.

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6 Responses to “Lara Stone for Self Service”

  1. The bow dress is so chic
    Monia, Rome

  2. im sucha fan of self-service...laras looking hot as per usual


  3. She's perfect!