Obertura Expresionista at Memoirs

Am a fashion lover (i think you know that :)  ). When i see an editorial, a great pair of sandals or a perfect suit i realize how much am into fashion, and how important is this industry for me, i just can´t see me doing any other different thing. ( But i do love other things...). Maybe some of you don´t know that besides my fashion crush, am also a designer. This trip started almost 5 years ago, and now am honored to present to you my first complete collection called "Obertura Expresionista" , a introspective of myself, the things i love, inpired by the cult movie "The red shoes" and Abstract expresionism. 

This pictures are from a fashion show i was part of: "Memoirs", a big deal for me because i was part of the organization of this event. The location? an airport shed, a runway with a plane as a background. We were 12 designers ( sweet colleagues ) and almost 1000 people watching the show. It was amazing be part of it, a great experience.
Let me know what you think about my collection! i hope you like it! Critics, comments, suggestions are highly accepted. ( This is only a part of the whole collection, i hope to post the complete outfits soon)

Make up: Eddy Uker
Photography: Way out, Eddy Uker, ATGuate

(I got to say thank you to all the people who atttended the show, to my friends who helped me and participed in the project, my lovely models and Gabriel Cazali and Alex Hentze to provide great music as well.)

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2 Responses to “Obertura Expresionista at Memoirs”

  1. amazing, congratulation


  2. Congratulations, I can only imagine the joy of your dream coming true! The dress are innovative, the prints I especially like the two tops, blue and red. I also like the male trouser prints and the floral dress. Good luck from an aspiring Fashion Stylist!
    Monia, Rome