Stunning Claudia

Age? In fashion it doesn’t count. Well, this is true only when you are an ageless supermodel like Claudia Schiffer. I really like the styling of this Harper´s Bazaar photo shoot, you can see the stunning body of this woman but at the same time it doesn’t look inappropriate. The only thing am missing is the unity between the super colored pictures ( bright tones, strong background  images ) and the soft boho-vintage look (black and white pictures can be another group to discuss). At the end I realized that the all idea was trying to show the perfect vacations but I didn`t find a clearly concept. The thing is, the summer is here, we can feel it. (at least you can, in the other hand “winter” is starting in here wujuu”)
Well, I like the fringe blouse, the classic cars are love, I want every pair of sunnies and of course, look like her.

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4 Responses to “Stunning Claudia”

  1. she is my model icon, amazing, beautiful


  2. thanks for your comment! im following you, hope youll follow me!


  3. the 3rd picture blows me away
    the whole composition/framing
    the shadows+light
    the hair on the face
    that you can't tell who it really is
    the leather car interior colour
    - George

  4. Oh my! This is a beautiful editorial! Always loved Claudia and its good to still see her working it!