Yesterday Jam: what are you reading?

 (Am going to be an expert in .gif images sooner or later!)

       Finally i got the time to myself, coming back to my reading feels so delicious. Inside a endless closet i found this gorgeous vintage silky-chiffon blouse ( chiffon sleeves and pocket), i just fell in love with the shoulder pads included. I wore a pair of Zara brogues i can´t stop using this days and Pull and Bear oversized bag. Don´t forget about the jewerly! It is from Lovisa and of course the book: Norwegian woods ( what a great book! thanks to all the people who recommended this piece of gold, am discovering a new universe inside the meticulous literature of Haruki Murakami). That made me wonder, what are you reading right now?

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10 Responses to “Yesterday Jam: what are you reading?”

  1. I'm reading the complete Game of Thrones series but it's taking foreverrr. I love the accessories in this post, especially the eggplant bag, so chic!

  2. Hey !
    I'm reading The Girl who played with fire, it's awesome :)
    I like the way those shoes look with those tights

  3. I love your sunglasses! They are SO cute :)

    Love, Vanilla

  4. You look amazing! Love your sunnies and the blouse with the bun :)

  5. those oxfords are so cool and they look amazing with your outfit!

  6. You make lazying around look so fashionable


  7. Really liking the colour of your shirt :)

  8. I love this outfits,,comfortable, stylish, colorful..and you look amazing!