Yesterday Jam: cats and plaids

I got cat eyes. Not artificial, natural cat eyes. There is an impulsive spirit inside me who loves freedom, tuna and starry nights in the solitude. I got a cat inside of me; somebody who only wants to run away, look for new adventures and leave some paws marks on the neighbor grass.  Maybe one day, we are gonna return converted in kitty cats.
But meaaaanwhile… I wear the fictional cat eyes , my favorites currently. Is my third pair of cat eyes sunnies, something a little bit nostalgic and out of season but you know, when you love something it really doesn´t matter if is last season, half broken and dirty, you just love it.
I wore it with my plaid dress, one of the pieces I made some years ago (so long ago, I can´t even remember) and maybe the first one I was actually proud of. The accessories are from Pixie and Zara and the bag is vintage.

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5 Responses to “Yesterday Jam: cats and plaids”

  1. This look is so very Gwen Stefani!
    I especially love the dress and the glasses!

    XO Amy

  2. Fantastic bag and dress! Thank you for commenting on my blog!

  3. nice sunnies! :*