Yesterday Jam: The blue wall

"December. Friday. I am thinking about all the pretty horses again, nothing new, nothing different. Just thinking. I love the deep blue printed in the background and the waves woven in the bed. A metaphoric beach inside the tiny room full of polluted dreams.

Some melancholic memoirs to publish with some Corinne Bailey Rae music in the background and wearing a bunch of favorite pieces from the closet, from the one strap sandals to the velvet vest.

Here is Corinne with IU!!! ( For those who doesn´t know about IU, she is a very popular South Korean singer, one of those ladies inside a beautiful shiny dress, dancing choreographies). To be honest, I was very surprised about how well IU sounds, even better than Corinne! Play please and excuse me for the akward-cheesy moment.  Oh loook! there is a sing along in the video!

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