Accessorize me

Médium accessories just got featured in this month FashGT magazine. I must say, am really happy about the improvement of professionalism and style in the local magazines. Still worry about the content, but for the sake of fashion, photography and modeling, this is a huge step. 

Accesorios: Médium & Monajera
Styling: Melissa Deman & Walter Ramirez 
Modelo: Alejandra Morales Teo
Fotografía: F/cero (Toski Carrillo)
MUA: Beka Lemus
Producción: Walter Ramírez

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  1. these pictures are amazing! lovely

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  2. The pieces are really interesting - thanks for sharing!

  3. Nice!!

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  4. What a beautiful necklace! I'm loving the style.

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