Hello there

Hi, we never introduced to you. My name is Ana, or at least is my latest alter ego, the simplest variation of my generic name (more than 38743 persons in the world got my name). You must know, this blog is not only written and produced by one single gal, we are two, me, the brunette and Ross (aka RF or famously named as Mily Rose), the lovely girl who is prettier than me.
My profession? A little bit of everything and nothing. I am afraid to say what I am, to define with a concrete word how I describe myself, I prefer avoid with a beautiful empty space the line in the tax forms that prays: profession. 
If you followed this blog since the beginning you know we are new professionals, we recently graduate from University and yes, we studied fashion design. But if you followed closer, you must know how passionate we are about reading and writing, music, and other themes related with fashion and style. 
The reason why we started the blog is simply because we wanted to communicate our crush with fashion, our ideas in the field, our perspective of trends and personal style. Ross is one of my dearest friends and definitely the one with the most similar style to mine. We love cats, black, leather and some suddenly color and print. Ok, maybe she is more rocker than me, but we certainly love cats. (So if you got Snoopy the cat please send him to us, we neeeed him desperately!). 
What else can I say? I am a huge Bjork fan, a jazz believer, a forever Portishead maniac, Contemporary art and Tom Jobim are my every day kimchi and I am a future expert in clarinet. If I am doing this post is because after all this time, I want to share with you a little bit of me, I am very thankful to all of you who read the posts and visit our blog. Now you know something about me, want to tell me something about you?
Besos. Ana. 

 Waaaait, before i finish my romantic words to you ( sarcastic cat talking again) i must say THANK YOU to Mauricio Diaz for the pictures. I gotta say, maybe i don´t look like a Victoria Secret´s angel but this pictures are the closer shoots to the real Ana and Ross in the daily basis. Thanks bro! 

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