Trending: Megan Draper from Mad Men

Those who know me well can tell my MAJ obsession with Mad Men. I am a big fan, can´t miss one single episode and even when the TV show is not so good as the first seasons, i am still hooked and so happy to watch it again after the eternity without new episodes. 

When it comes to style, Mad Men since the very beginning has been a huge source of inspiration, the 60´s gorgeous clothing (ask Banana Republic), the perfection of the interiorism and the preciseness of every detail related to the 60´s period. Learning about fashion history never been so fun. Speaking particularly of fashion, every character had his own wardrove touch, an accurate Don Draper suit, a conservative Betty Draper and the latest addition; a trendy Megan Draper. 

When a new character appears in a show, everybody doubts. At first, we were wondering if adding a new wife for Don Draper was the brightest idea for the show, since we all love Betty, but then we fell in love with Megan, or I must say Jessica Paré? The thing is, the character is good, the girl looks like a model and more than a newbie is a pretty great actress who wasn´t afraid to team up with one of the greatest cast in the history of television. And the stylist got her extra points! So did the writers with the episode where Megan set up a show with her "Zoe Bisou Bisou". Love. what else can I say? Can´t wait to see more Mad Men, more gorgeous clothing and more Jessica Paré as Megan. 

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2 Responses to “Trending: Megan Draper from Mad Men”

  1. Love her!

  2. I love how much you love the show! I do agree though she is a fabulous and I'm dying for the clothes!