Wear or not wear, that`s the (moral?) question.

“ ¿ Why don't you just express yourlself and go out to the streets with the mini skirts you love?”. This is a question that leave me thinking a lot of sociologycal topics for a while. At first hand I thought:  "is not that easy, is not that I don`t love my skirt, is not that I don`t believe in freedom, is not that I don`t want to express myself is just, I must confess, I am afraid." 
Yes, Guatemala is not the safest place to go out at night, walking in a mini shorts in the streets of the center, and I am not talking about a vulgar outfit, just imagine a gorgeous pair of hot pants with a very feminine touch, with anything sexual implied. Still, is not the perfect place to display this kind of outfits, the possibilities of any kind of sexual harassment-or worst- are huge. 

Those who know me can tell that I am not conservative about clothing, I just wear what I feel I got to but I must admit, I got a huge problem with this pieces that can have a wrong interpretation.
I talked with a friend about this, I was frustrated because I love the shorts so much but I couldn't wear them in almost any situation in here, I was afraid to be a blank for sick people, to be seen in a bad way, not because I was doing something wrong, just because the people minds need something to change. 
Machismo.  Such and awful expression. This is why my paranoia begins.  The “man” is seeing as the owner of any woman he likes, he can treat her as he likes, that is so damn wrong but why is this so hard to understand? I know, Guatemala is not the worst place to be a woman.. but almost, we are constantly silenced by those who think that we should shut up, dress nice and find a man, but man himself want that? 
I don`t like to talk about feminism because I think this is not exactly the topic. I want to talk not only about girls who want to wear something freely on the streets but also for those guys, everybody who is not allowed to be themselves just because society thinks is “wrong”. 
I also wanted to explain that the reason why I don`t wear the shorts is not because they look bad, is because the eyes of society are making this experience uncomfortable and for some weird reason is harder to me to ignore this thoughts. I applaud all the girls who wear whatever the fuck they want to, especially those with difficult circumstances like mine.  After writing this I think that I should wear those shorts tomorrow, what do you think?

 Anything offensive about this picture, right?

-With this I also try to explain myself for those who are wondering why I defend something but not doing it, is not that simple, I believe in dress with freedom, but I also think that we regulate ourselves because we got something in our humanity telling us to act in a certain situation ( call it concience, morality or common sense). Also, I don`t think is an obligation to act and wear in a certain way to defend a social statement related with clothing-

The thing is, we got a lot of things to change, we got a lot of walls to break, and the time to start is now. Which is going to be our first step?

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4 Responses to “Wear or not wear, that`s the (moral?) question. ”

  1. I so understand what you mean! I have vintage short denim pants that used to belong to my mom, she wore them in the early 70's. By then, it was pretty much unacceptable and her dad was angry xD. But now (the shorts are still like new, lol) I can wear them and none thinks it's anything strange. The thing is that if none wore them in the 70's, 80's or 90's (coz they were unacceptable at some point), they would be still unacceptable by now. People will get used to things. Slowly, but they will.
    I understand your concern tho, if someone may think they can hurt you for wearing what you do :/. What about wearing them on the daytime, or when you are with some reliable friends, perhaps guy friends who can defend you if someome tries to attack you?

  2. Yeah, after all we got to wear what we love. Is just a frustating situation sometimes. Guys yell at you crazy things so is not comfty at all, anyways. It´s good to find somebody who knows what the hell am talking about. lol.

  3. I completely understand your point! My style is pretty "tame", at least I think so; but sometimes there are some trends that make me a bit nervous to wear! As I've grown in confidence, my style has evolved with it, so I push the smallest limits now, like showing a peek of my stomach! hahah!

    Love this post!

    xo, Manda

  4. I guess is about a little bit of confidence as well! Fashion can´t be possible without people with guts who give a damn! lol