Sometimes fashion has an artistic and eclectic side; these are great examples. I am in love with Iris Van Herpen costumes. Every piece deserves to be displayed in a museum. This is not the latest collection of her, but it has really captured my attention, and I thought that "clothes" like these have to be shared. The mummification collection have details like shoe trims, laces around the dresses, and materials that we are not used to seeing in clothing. Just wondering, how many time she spends in her each piece?!?! This looks like an abundance of work and dedication, and all of her collections are like this one. There are so many details, and after all the decoration, it does not look like too much. The darkness and mistery are always with Van Herpen, in everything she does.
She is a great inspiration showing us how far fashion can fly, shes just starting her career! (this is her fourth collection) After all, her costumes explain the real sense of couture becoming art.

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