Yesterday jam: Vintage brooch

Winter Saaaales, my favorite part of the year. I can´t afford an Alexander Wang leather vest (at this time, let´s pray!) so i decided to buy a Zara one. Then, a little dress cross between the vest and me and i forgot about it. And surprise, found this wooonderful vest in Bershka going to the sales this week waiting for me! Lucky day ´cause the vest wasn´t the only thing in my shopping bag.

I also bought a vintage brooch (in the pictures as a necklace), maybe my favorite acquisition, it´s from the 80´s, korean , so if you think about the political situation at that time in Korea you might be interested to know this precious thing. Well, maybe it´s not so good but am soo in love with this elephant brooch, asian details, vintage and looks awesome with everything.

Then i had lost in wonderland. I found a Poker charm bracelet, aaaaaaaaaaaaah i love it! with the little cards hanging out with my hand wahahaha. Maybe the pictures are not great and some details may be lost but watch the photos and have an idea, i promise to show you detailed pictures later :)

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