Yesterday Jam: a little bit country

I said it and say it again: looks like fall but actually we are in a pseudo spring with a little chilly. I went to a country club on sunday (pre Academy awards!), where i found this beautiful landscape. I can´t believe the colors, even my pictures look better!

Am wearing this "japonese-like-style" lace dress that i love so much but i barely use. The color is great; soft mint brocade cotton with grey lace. My bag is and oldie Esprit, am also wearing a vintage belt and my classic denim shirt (no, it´s not the one who enjoy the Metallica concert, this is the older sister). My bangles are from forever 21 and handcrafts store.

Ooh, i can´t wait to talk about the Academy Awards in the next post and by the way, Happy International day of Women!

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One Response to “Yesterday Jam: a little bit country”

  1. I love the purse, this outfit is great, i believe I left a comment on the chictoia site...i don't want to repeat myself haha.