Yesterday jam: Psychedelic sunday

Mix Hendrix with The Pixies and you get this outfit.That sunday i felt like flowers, denim, peace and apparently i was too lazy to make something good to my hair (but messy hair rocks, don`t you think?).  No no, please don`t ask about my tan in the first picture, is just the product of Mauricio Daher`s art (by the way, thank you dude). Say hi to the number one pet: Scotish and no, just for the record, am not drunk or anything like that in this pictures.

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3 Responses to “Yesterday jam: Psychedelic sunday”

  1. i like the blending of different patterns. so cute and the denim jacket looks great with it.

  2. Hey! Sip, era el Paiz, jajaja!
    Lindisimas tus fotos por cierto, el outfit esta super! Soy fan del messy hair tambien. :D Te he agregado a mi blogroll!
    Saludos vecinita,