A little late to post this but i feel is neccesary to show you this collection. First, the pieces are an actual "ready to wear", are not complicated at all and can be mixed with everything. The colors are basics, including the perfect and brilliant red color.  The minimilism is perfect for chunky accesories and shoes. Am not so happy about the shoes, actually i kinda dislike them. The ambivalence of Acne´s shoes is a reality, we love and hate Acne`s shoes. Still, i love this brand and i could wear everything of this collection.

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4 Responses to “ACNE”

  1. Amazing post! love your blog!
    come follow I will follow back!


  2. i love acme & their minimalism look

    stop by sometime<3

  3. Oh, Acne makes me wish I was rich so much. So, so much.

  4. I like minimalism, but this is veering into sloppiness. And those shoes! Oh dear...