Yesterday jam: The heaven in my jeans

I know, the title is weird but looking at this picture i discovered how my jeans became into a piece of heaven (yeah sure!), the white parts looks like clouds in the middle of the blue sky. Oh my imagination!

I wore this “poncho”, (please tell me another way to call it! pleeeaaase!! ) for first time in outdoors, i used to wear it in my house `cause is too warm and casual but i found out how great can with my everyday outfits.

I made my necklace ( i think i told you how much my nails suffered…) a long time ago and i can`t stop wearing it, i love the way it looks with the button-up shirt.

This is a simple outfit without complications, ready for a rainy day. Definitly is one of my favorites so far.


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One Response to “Yesterday jam: The heaven in my jeans”

  1. Crazy jeans! You could call your poncho a cape. "Cape" does sound more mysterious.