Protect me from what I want

For Christ´s sake!! look at those outer black leather shoulderpads plus body chains i swear i would love wear that look right now! and those accesories with every piece of clothe i own it would improve them so much.
the fierce make up was also what called me to this pictures and finally i wanted to share with you that bustier that honestly if i could own it i would wear the crap out of it.
hope you have a great weekend!!
(sources: google, cartoonstyles)

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3 Responses to “Protect me from what I want”

  1. Amazing shoots! I love the last one so much!

  2. what amazing shots! so edgy and cool.

    thank you for your sweet comment, i've juts been looking through your blog and it seems so cool. I would love to follow each other? I have just done a couple of new posts.