Yesterday jam: God save the comfty trousers

Sometimes you vote style, sometimes you vote comfortability. I Chose both. My trousers are the lighter piece in my closet,  i felt like wearing pajamas. I just love this pants, the print puts something extra, the perfect combination of colors and the best part is be wearing one of my designs.

The trousers were the focal point that`s why i wore a basic white t-shirt, black blazer and oxford peep toes, paired with metallic details and my classic crosses.

I got to say thank you, really really, namu namu namu, thank you for reading, follow and your comments, we really appreciate your presence here with us, we put all our spirit to share with you the things we love! Gracias!

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4 Responses to “Yesterday jam: God save the comfty trousers”

  1. hey
    thanks for the comment
    amazing outfit and photos
    i love the pants
    keep up the good work
    i followed you
    i hope you follow back

  2. love those pants, wow, thanx for your lovely comment following you now, hope you do the same

  3. Great pants! I wish I had more of those comfy type pants in my wardrobe but I am just too short to pull those off! You look great!

    Great blog by the way - so glafd I ran into it. Please check out my blog too :)

  4. I love details so I really love your rings and how it adds just enough flair. You also pull off those pants very well!