Yesterday Jam: I see turtles

Sometimes you need to leave the city and breath deeply in the countryside. My head was full of things to think about and organize so i thought: "This is it, stop right now and go to sleep to the litterfall". So i did it and now am ready and fresh to keep going.

Am a huge fan of  FC Barcelona soccer team. That´s why you can see a suspicious touch of blue-red  (my favorite gift at this time, thank you! ). Am not a girl used to wear those kind of clothes so, the best option to support my team is to accesorize my bag with it. VISCA BARCA! (i know RF, you are hating me so bad at this moment, i know i know).

Kimono dress: from a local store.
Bag: Esprit
Turtle necklace: Forever21
Shoes: Nordstrom/DIY

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7 Responses to “Yesterday Jam: I see turtles”

  1. Love the outfit - especially the kimono dress xoxo

  2. oh!
    You look lovely.

    I`m a huge fan of Barcelona too! Too bad they didn`t won La Liga. :/


  3. Love your shoes!

  4. Me encantó este post! todas las fotos están geniales. Lamento que el Barcelona no se haya llevado la copa del rey ;)

    Me encantó tu outfit, sobre todo tus bailarinas!

    Muchas gracias por tu comentario, espero que te funcione ese manicure :) empecé a seguirte, un besito♥


  5. Que lindas estan toooodas las fotos! Me encanto el fondo de hojas secas y el outfit es excelente, gracias por pasarte! Espero verte de nuevo!