Photoshoot de GUATEXTIL. Estola tejida en San Juan Comalapa. Fotografía y styling: Ana González. Asistencia de Sofía Callejas y Byron Cortez. Modelo: Rosa Flores. 
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7 Responses to “BRIGHT CULTURA”

  1. Me encanta tu blog.
    mira el mio y si quieres nos empezamos a seguir me cuentas.

  2. I so much love that hat, I think I have the same one:))

  3. I love the way you nail polished only one palm leaving the other clear - I often happen to do it a very similar way;) and the blue is simply beautiful.

    staklene bombone

  4. Adore your floppy hat it's perfect with the poncho!Adore your floppy hat it's perfect with the poncho!

  5. Awesome photos, I adore all the bright colours =)

  6. LOVE your hat!

    Thanks for the kind comment on our blog :)

    To answer your question...I use a Nikon D5000 camera.