Yesterday Jam: Chase the tear

I am a fashion enthusiastic, I like to break some rules sometimes and wear something different. Nevertheless, I was always afraid to mix black and white with brown, specially black and brown. In my mind those tones can´t be together and succeed. One day I saw a girl wearing these two colors and looking amazing so I said, why not? 

Well, this is the beginning of a problem, my skin is no brown-friendly and my hair is so dark that I just can´t help but looking weird with it. The solution? Wearing a black/white piece next to my head. 

Of course the day I wore this I didn´t think in all this things, I just grabbed this shirt I wanted to wear some time ago and realized that I was ready for my fashion challenge, LEVEL 2!!!, because it also contains patterns ( shirt and tights) and textures ( leather, cotton and silk, no mention the shoes shine). I was pretty satisfied with the result, it wasn´t something out of this world and i was comfortable. What do you think?

Oh, i almost forget to include this:
My musical recommendation, enjoy. Portishead is love.

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2 Responses to “Yesterday Jam: Chase the tear”

  1. Great pictures... very nice... check me out

  2. I like the pattern of your blouse, the tights is really pretty, not to mention your legs...they are the best accessories here!!! :D