Yesterday Jam: shades

Knit dresses are the best thing in earth, so comfortable. Surprisely this is the second time i wear this dress, am a huge fan of the neutral color too.

The shades are new ( well, kind of..). I was looking for a squared pair since i realized Alexander Wang´s cat eyes are not the style i can wear. I think you know the ring, it is from Dorothy Perkings, lovely thing.

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5 Responses to “Yesterday Jam: shades”

  1. Those shades are very cool, but I must say I've always had a thing for socks with shoes, I just think it's so cute, I don't know why. Great outfit, wish I owned anything this stylish.

  2. Love this, so easygoing but chic!
    Follow each other? :)


  3. oh, when will I learn to wear high heels? guess, never;)
    great ring! and a very nice spot for a little shooting.

  4. I love your shoes! :)