Yesterday Jam: Eclectic

It all began with a quickie post, with no more of two decent pictures (yeah, this post), then i realized how different i look in here compared with the last post and two posts ago, sometimes i look like a different person but i just can´t pick one style and stick to it. I love fashion, i love versatile clothing and even when i don´t like everything in fashion (there is some things i hate like crocs, i know they´re comfortable but they are a serious nay nay for me!), i like to choose the best of every style, that pieces i know are matching my closet or could match a styling in a photoshoot.

As a designer and stylist, i can´t have an exclusive point of view, i need to watch the different trends and every single collection so at the end of the day the result is this eclectic thing i call personal style. Of course, my style is pretty different from some styling jobs i got, but you know, sometimes is about occupational hazard. (Yes, fashion industry is playing with fire!).

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3 Responses to “Yesterday Jam: Eclectic”

  1. loving everything about this outfit! sucha hot look :) love it!


  2. Oooh! I love this. I don't know what that fur thing is, but it's cool!. I like how your tights are just peeking out at the bottom and I like you jacket and hair.