@t Morena

I can´t believe this apocalyptical reunion with RF and camera shoots included is finally here. The lazykittens together for God sake! 

Guatemalan fashion is moving forward, every day we see a lot of emerging fashion designers who try to present an innovative proposals to change the industry as we knew it. We are committed with this movement; we are two active lambs who want to collaborate to improve fashion.
This is why we went to this event, a fashion show with a bunch of independent designers and an interesting concept and we also had a great time meeting with friends and most important, support the new talents in Guatemalan fashion design.  

 M.Rod design

 The lovely Rosscoe with a little bit of leather

 The Versace Vintage bag

M.Rod designs

 LAZYCATSTYLE team together having fun.

Those chunky heels i love.

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  1. love versace vintage bag! so unique!