Fashion show Revista "Amiga"

Who knows me can tell am not a contest girl. I don´t think you got to compete with other people to realize that everybody got abilities and potential.  Your highest competition is always yourself.

Well... I got all that clear in my mind but suddenly I watched this opportunity in the local newspaper and decided to go for it! I wasn´t searching to win (even when it wasn´t bad at all win, specially the big prize), but the intention to share my own perspective in my field, show the way I see fashion and my esthetic.

An avalanche of resort entered in my mind, I don´t know why or what actually happened but I decided to do this two designs full of luxurious resort details such a cliché tropical print detail and pajama silhouette. I enjoyed a lot the whole process and I was pretty excited to join other designers into a unique show, organized by Prensa Libre, the magazine “Amiga” and their sponsors.

At the end I was surprised to be selected as the winner of the Pret-a-porter category. You know is my favorite one! I love the pieces we can wear every day, something that makes people look beautiful, comfortable, stylish and stand up as an individual human. So yes, am very happy and especially thankful to Prensa Libre and “Amiga” magazine and all the people who made this great experience possible.

 I must say, congratulations to all the people who got involved, especially al the contesters. I saw a lot of pretty things in there; I think we got a brilliant future. In a country where fashion industry is growing and is hard for new designers to make a secure place to stay and show their designs, this is a great push to impulse the talent we got in fashion as Guatemalans and raise the potential we got.

Hyper Smash

Pleeeease don´t look at me! i just wasn´t thinking in looking good that day, i just wanted to finish all, find a new model and crossing my fingers to end up at time! 

This last picture is from Fashion from A-Z, took by Rodrigo Zepeda. 

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9 Responses to “Fashion show Revista "Amiga"”

  1. WOW! Congrats!!! Your designs are so clever...and I love the fresh way you approached getting involved.


  2. Heaven for my eyes,love it honey!;)

  3. I absolutely love all the bold colors in this post, the pictures are amazing! Thanks for sharing them :) There's a new post up on my blog and I'd love to hear what you think of it, so feel free to stop by!

    ♡ veena |
    twitter/instagram: @veenamccoole

  4. Chic chic chic!

    How amazing are these punchy colours!


  5. awesome collection!!
    like the style!!

    Angela Donava

  6. So lovely..I loooooove tropical prints <3


  7. I love it, your designs are just beautiful and the prints are so gorgeous

  8. Love your blog!!! what an amazing post

    A chic kiss ;)