Yesterday Jam: Goodbye

This post is for goodbyes, so bring me the tequila bottle, we are going to start! Sometimes you just need to let go a few things, without any doubt I finally said goodbye to my mega long hair, now I am saying goodbye to one of my favorite dresses, a stretchy laser printed dress which I decided to let go to make another girl happy. 

 At the same time I am trying to say goodbye to many things in my life, I can´t tell I succeed but definitely the road I walked made me feel so damn right. So tell me, do you want to say goodbye to a few things like me? Which things do you want to let go? I warranty, you are going to feel lighter!

Wearing Pull and Bear studed jacket and Pixie sunglasses.

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4 Responses to “Yesterday Jam: Goodbye”

  1. Salut,
    J'aime ta série de photos surtout la première elle est Cool !
    bonnne journée from France

  2. I'm loving your look! I know it's sad to let things go but now you might be able to get an even better dress!

  3. I love your dress!

  4. Hi there! Looking great!
    As for letting go, I am having to let go of pretending to be someone I am not.... Ufff! Much lighter ^_^
    Beautiful leather jacket, by the way.