Yesterday Jam: Darker Cher

How cool is play Cher Horowitz! (A darker version for me, please). The thing is, I waited for so long to find the perfect plaid skirt, while I admired my forever guilty pleasure on TV ( Clueless of course!). What I never tried was asking my sister if she had one... problem resolved!

Vintage skirt ( from my sister`s closet)
Zara sweatshirt ( Good lord, this is the best thing I ever bought!) 
Pixie Necklace
Pixie tights

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5 Responses to “Yesterday Jam: Darker Cher”

  1. Love your style - especially your skirt [: Can't wait to read more from you girlyyy!


  2. That Zara top is seriously cool. I'm loving its details x

  3. great post! would you like to follow eachother?



  4. Le monde des petites2 de diciembre de 2013, 8:22

    Love your tights! Nice outfit!

    xoxo from Dubai

    Jul du monde des petites

  5. Las faltas de tablas y esos suéteres con detalles bordados no deben morir. ¡Son puro amor!