Yesterday jam: bitter-sweet

Lately my style is a contrast between the bounderies of the things i like, that`s why the title of this post is Bitter-Sweet. I think this outfit goes for the sweet side. This gourgeous dress was a gift long time ago and is actually a children dress, is strapless with an amazing and refreshing daisies print. I putted a shirt under the dress and a lace tie to make it more fun and sofisticated (and because the weather!)

Of course i can`t forget the outerwear, a lovely Saul E. Mendez blazer joined my outfit (The shirt is also Saul E. Mendez) and the fun socks with peep toe shoes combo.
I wore this the last weekend in a family reunion so i decided to rest a little of huge oversize bags and wear this cute Zara quilted bag. I paired my outfits with some brooches and a Zara studded belt.

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P.S: am so happy about the Vargas Llosa's Nobel prize, he changed my mind with the Miami Herald columns and of course, "La tía Julia y el escribidor", I know is out of place but if you can read a Vargas Llosa`s book, do it! you`ll see, worth every page, he is amazing.

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3 Responses to “Yesterday jam: bitter-sweet”

  1. Sweet, but the jacket definitely toughens it up a bit. And socks with shoes! How do people always manage to get it right...?