Yesterday jam: Summer LBD

We are starting to feel the warm weather,  and with the heat comes the bright happy colors. Well, am not ready for leave the neutrals, am not ready to leave the black side of the force (Star Wars reference). This dress seems to be the perfect match for transitional season, is pretty light and i can wear it in layers, even in a beach day. You know the rest of my clothing crowd, my lovely jacket i made some time ago, the buckle boots and my DIY/vintage leopard bag.

I believe in freedom, i believe in democracy, if you believe too, help us to sign to support the egyptian people. Go HERE.

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9 Responses to “Yesterday jam: Summer LBD”

  1. Looking good! love ur diy creation!


  2. Hi beautiful!
    Thanks for visiting! I'm following you to see what's new!
    This look is perfect! I loved this bag! wonderful!
    A Kiss
    Leticia Oliveira

  3. Hello Aahna!!

    Thanks for visiting too.
    I loved the jacket and the leopard print bag.
    Remember when you went in my blog and asked if is a brazilian designer?? Well... yes, it is! If you want to see more of Ellus colection, look this...

    Stay with us on duty!

    Anna Paula.

  4. I love that bag! You look great so dont worry about leaving the force lolz.

    Editor & Chic

  5. I like this :) Very charming outfit!

  6. Precioso el bolso! gracias por pasarte por mi blog, te espero muchas más veces :)


  7. mm I love the hats too! and no the glases aren't something I would wear either! Love the little bunnies you posted! huge animal fan=) xoxo