Yesterday Jam: Stay the same


Am Aahna and am addicted to music. I don´t know when i started to live like that, i don´t know what part of me is sound and melody and which part is my persona. The only thing i know is: music completes me, am in love with music. This is the reason why i always get inspired in songs when i do my work, and even when i dressed up in the morning. When you wake up with a lightly feeling that reminds you the voice of Andreya Triana and you instantly think: God, i feel Bonobo`s music in my skin, you need to listen "Stay the same". Sounds crazy but is true, do i need terapy? 

Dress: Vintage (Juniors)
Shoes: Vintage Nordstrom, DIY (i put the bow on it)
Vest: Bershka
Dream Necklace: gift from a friend ( <3)
Artesanal turqueise necklace / DIY
Bag: Esprit
Lunch: Olive potatoes and coconut flan.

Oh, i left the song, now do you think am crazy? The song is bewitching me. Je adore Bonobo music.

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2 Responses to “Yesterday Jam: Stay the same”

  1. i love your dress!! its very pretty <3 cute outfit and photos :)

  2. I loveee all your accessories! Those bow shoes are the perfect touch :)
    La Petite Marmoset